Tru Credit Repair


Your credit path, from start to finish.

01 Credit examination

We conduct a review of your credit file, using our preferred credit monitoring service. Once we are aware of everything on your file that needs attention, we can proceed with a quote for services.

02  One on One planning

We give you a quote for total cost for your credit repair, making sure you understand each step involved. During this period, you are given a set of steps to follow in order to maximize your credit profile. No inquiries for credit are permitted during this time, as you are a work in progress!

03 Results

Letters of deletion will start to arrive in the mail. Some cases will require another round of deletion. However, know that we are working around the clock in order to get the results you deserve! We will keep working to get negative items deleted from your file!

04 Tradelines

We offer a comprehensive list of positive tradelines that you can add to your credit, in order to build your credit up faster. It is imperative that you delete negative items before using our tradeline packages, as the effect of tradelines is much more powerful on a file that doesn't have any negatives.

05 Enjoying better credit

Once you enter the credit bracket you desire, this is the time to enjoy your newfound credit, and also to work to keep your credit in excellent condition. You have worked hard to get to the 700-800 club, and you want to keep your credit that way! We offer a number of tools you can use in order to protect your credit file.


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